Help!!!What push-rod length do I need????? Cam help?


Oct 14, 2006
Since I don't have funds for a roller cam I got this cam I am thinking of installing on my recent built and need some advise/help...

Here are the specs of cam

NEW flat tappet 214/224

.050 dur- 214/224
adv dur 280 int / 290 exh
cam lift .295/.310
valve lift- .472 int / .496
lobe 107 int / 117 exh

i'm using new GM lifters

Is this a good cam?? can I use stock rockers and stock length push rods with this cam that my main concern what do I need to make it work?? Or is cam way to big I am trying to put the biggest cam I can because i will be putting a bigger turbo down the line and it is brand new and I have it already so I'm trying to use it or should I toss it?? any advise/tips will help Thanks
That's a no go with stock unaltered heads. You use a pushrod length checker to determine the pushrod length needed