Help with 60' times


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
What can i do to help these 60' times get better, iam going to do my brakes they wont hold maybe 2psi boost at the light. The best that i had was 1.89 , 2.05 , 2.10 . Iam getting 107to 108.5 mph at the end . I raced a guy that ran a 1.79 to my 2.10 and we both ran the same mph107 but he ran a 12.59 and i ran a 13.05.

What can i do to drop some time off the 60'.

12.80@ 108.5

get some slicks and launch at 10psi you'll see some nice 60fts then :)
I have bf drags on it now , but the brakes suck so i cant build but 1-2 psi at the light , any more and it will push me . Maybe bad brakes are killing my 60'.

new times

13.05@ 107.6
What size BFG"s? Have you tried leaving against the emergency brake? Are the tire spinning or can you just not leave with enough boost?
The tires are 275 50 15 and they dont spin at all. I think the brakes just wont let me build any boost. I never tryed the E-brake does that work good.

thanks kevin.