Help with FAST


Oct 3, 2008
I am looking to buy a FAST system for my 87 GN, I would like to know more about it and whats my potential with this system and also what this system exactly does and features. Also if anyone is selling a used one with a laptop I would be interested. But any info on the FAST system would help me a bunch.
Do a search. There is a kazillion posts for the XFI. It's not plug and play. You will need someone knowledgeable to tune it.

I would not own a Buick without one but then again I have someone to tune it for me. Otherwise id go with a Turbo Tweak chip for sure.
I dont think I would have a problem tuning it, or having my buddy help me. I just want to learn more about the system and how it works in general
DO you have a friend or a business do it for you?
DO you have a friend or a business do it for you?

My buddy is local and considered one of the best XFI tuners anywhere in the country. He is available for tuning services. His prices are very reasonable and is located in southern Connecticut as well. You can also purchase an XFI thru him. If u want more info PM me.
Look on the FAST website and buy the dvd. that was the best money I have spent. This dvd will get you ahead of the game!:)