Help with Scanmaster


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Jul 7, 2003
O.K guys I need your help. I Just got finished installing my Scanmaster and started her up. The o2 mv were jumping around(this was only at idle). They would go from the lowest of 134 to the highest of 714. They would never stay the same for any amount of time. Is this normal? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks again. Dean.
Scanmaster help

Thanks for the reply. So when your under WOT the o2 mv won't jump that low or around like that? What are your o2's reading? Thanks again. Dean
Yeah thats normal because if it wasnt jumping around it would mean some thing was messed up. Idle and cruise you should see the o2's jump around. At WOT it should level out and be pretty steady.

Scanmaster help

Thats exactly what I needed. I was afraid that something was wrong but I was the one wrong.

I haven't had time to take her out. As soon as I find out myself I will post back. Hopefully the o2's will be in the mid to high 700's and the knock will read 0. Thanks for your help. Dean