What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
well did a compression test and ya all cylinders are 148 except for #6... i think im getting rod knock in this cylinder and it is at 135 in comprssion. what should i do or can i do anything. my car has 83,000 miles on it. how much longer will it last im still putting parts on the car new intake and stuff. is there anything i can do?

Rod knock and low compression don't usually go together...

Blown headgaskets have been known to sound like a "knock", and can cause lower compression. Have you been losing coolant? Check the radiator for bubbles while it's running, or signs of coolant in the oil.

Squirt some oil in the low cylinder, and test again. If the pressure comes up significantly, you're rings are blowing by. That will explain the low pressure, but not the knock!

Sorry I ain't much help!