I have an 87 GN. I ran the car with no tranny fluid and of course I ruined the tranny. I purchased a strip & street rebuilt kit and went to a tranny mechanic to have the tranny rebuilt . I finally got my car back from the tranny mechanic..The tranny was rebuilt and supposely a B&M Shift kit was installed..The problem is that the tranny does not bang gears as it did before the tranny was rebuilt. Before the tranny being rebuilt I could feel and hear tire chirping as the tranny shifted gears and now I don't. I feel as if the "balls" taken out of tranny. Is there a serial number that can determine if the valve body was replaced with an ordinary valve body?

p.s. Prior to getting my car back he mentioned that he had replaced the valve body and governor to find a problem he was encounting..but he stated that the original valve body was put back in.

As long as he didnt clean the VB with a solution that took the paint off, you should see "BR3" marked in white on the VB, I think on the drivers side. If there is no marking, there is a way to still identify it. There was a post in this forum a couple of weeks back discussing how. Or maybe one of the pros here will tell you. Also make sure your tranny has the "BRF" tag on the exterior of the tranny, near the tail. Servos are also unique in these trannys.