hemco race plentum, good or bad?


Jun 4, 2001
i just recently bought a hemco race plentum, and i am some mixed emotions on whether to put it on or not. i have heard some stories on people picking up, and people who have slowed down with this product, please give me some info on it. my car currently sports a built motor with a 206/206 cam, ported champion head and intake matched ported, je pistons, 63 turbo, full single shot exhast, built tranny w/ 9 inch converter, stretch intercooler. with these combos, should i pick up or slow down?
please help me out.
There is only one way to find out! Some gain some didn't..I gained 2 psi boost, without knock. That was with stock heads. What do you have to loose? I say put it on, and see! :)
I definately gained a couple MPH. The secret is since the flow is more even, I can run more boost without detonation. Since I have less "lean" cylinders, I also don't have to run as high a fuel pressure. It works on my car. Paul
We tested a hemco 70mm, the free flow figures were 58%diffrence in the flow from the richest to the leanest cylinders ,which is a lot better than stock or other plenums but not a good as a precision plenum and power plate.. Turbo TC