Here are my two and me..


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Aug 24, 2003
Me and my two 1st place winners at the Buick E-town day! Still in shock! :cool:

lol thanks guys! I don't think I'll pull that one again! Good thing I slipped the judge a crispy 100 dollah bill! :smile:
How'd ya drive both cars there? :p

BTW, congratulations. Both rides look sharp. Must have been the polished tailpipes that put you over the top. :D
I had my boss drive the GN. After all gotta be able to trust your boss!

I polished those tail pipes for hours the night before! :p
Shocked?? How so?? That TTA is the VERY best that I have ever seen anywhere... Period.. Not even zero mileage TTA's that I have seen even hold a candle. And your GN is very beautiful and detailed to T also. Hell, Im not surprised at all:)
Thanks again guys for the compliments! :) I did'nt notice the vette till later. It was also vette day there. There was some in the 10's that was near the end so I'm sure it was an 11 sec. vette. Funny how Frank caught it in the picture!
i got to see the GN at fudds last week- beautiful car man, you motivated me to work on mine- ive been wrenching all night every night this week
LOL thanks AJT! If you need any help feel free to ask anytime. I've been detailing cars for years! My GN was bone stock when I got it. Little wax, piece of chrome here and there, and tire wet will do wonders! Was nice to meet you at Fudd! :cool:
lol mine needs a little more than a little wax, i got in pretty much stripped to a shell- the rust isnt as bad as i thought- quarters look great- its only in the t tops and the drivers floor pan. im gonna fix the floor pan saturday. im seriously thinking about putting a hard top roof on it lol. i dont think the t top rust is that bad, im gonna grind it all down this weekend and see how bad i have it :) nice meeting you too man, hope to see ya guys around again