Hesistation/Stumble problem

Turbo-T Wannbe

New Member
Oct 1, 2001
I can't get this figured out and it's driving me nuts. I can feel the car surging/cutting out when just cruising. No hesitation WOT, but there is tip in stumble. I've tried a couple of chips, ruling that out. Driver's exhaust manifold has been fixed. New plugs and wires. All the #s on the scanmaster seem to be OK. Could it be the MAF, even if the #s read OK? Any ideas?
I know for sure on carburated cars tip in stumble is a lean condition caused from the shooters being too small. I would look into something like a lean conditon. Maybe a misadjusted TPS sensor could cause this? Anyone else?!?!
I had the very same problems turned out to be TPS/IAC adjustment