Hey all!!!!! I got problems......


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May 24, 2001
I am down.

Another board member send me an email that had a virus. It has wiped me out. It is a sircam32.exe worm virus. My Norton got most of it but it was too much and some got thru. I will be down for an indefinit amount of time. This really sucks bad!!!!! Be careful and ck your anti virus CAREFULLY!!~!!!

as for me
if you need something please call cell or shop. I do not really know what to do about this virus deal as I am no computer guru. Until I can get somebody to look at , I am screwed.:(

Fortunatly it was not an email send out virus. It just attacked windows and the hard drive from what they say. I NEVER SENT ANY VIRUSES OUT!!!! Just I got it. So......All should be ok.

that really sucks !!

i was about to post a question in tranny talk about what happened to you its not like you not to be on in the middle of the night .

i tryed your web site last night and it wouldnt work either :confused:

hopefully somone you know is cumputer smart and can get you strait

you sent me an email night before last and i had my email protect turned off cause i was in process of setting up some new mail accounts so im glad you said you didnt send it out but im scnning now just for safety sake.

take care ...RED
if you know who sent you the email let us know. I hope it wasn't me:(

Hey Bruce I was just going to email you! Really. I actually finally used the tranny you built. I moved the car about 100 feet while sitting on the floorboards, listening to a 600+ HP BB, from the work area of my shop to over the mechanic's pit. I can say that 1st gear and reverse both work :cool:.

Tomorrow I am welding up the exhaust so my neighbors will really appreciate this project. Actually they have been real cool the two times I have had to fire it up to test everything before the move.

Well about another 12 to 18 months and the beast should be finished.
I am back

My new webmasters came over tonight and found the virus and KILLED it!!. I am back going. The email came from Dan Conklin.
I feel bad cause he had no clue. I can tell you it was the sircam32.worm virus. It got caught early in manifestation, and all seems to be repaired with the most latest stuff. Works very well now. Man, what a day! I thought the world ended.LOLOL But with the right talent, it is as good, if not better, than ever.If you e- mailed me since Tuesday, I can tell you I didnt get it and please resend. :D

Thank you

Yes they are, Thank God.....

Yes they are cool , huh? Big kudos to them I'll tell ya!!!:D

Wait till you see the new site they built !! It is nice , nice!!!:D
Should be up early March.