hey you Buick guys in Hawaii


May 25, 2001
Originally posted by V8_bait
I've noticed a few of you guys are from Hawaii and I could use some suggestions on how to kill a day in Maui. I'll be there with my better half for a wedding next week and she'll be busy with wedding stuff for an entire day so I'm on my own at least for one day. I thought I'd ask you guys for tips on what do to other than the usual tourist stuff that I'll end up doing with my wife anyway. I'm not real big on travelling, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Any of you guys from Maui?
locked in the hotel room <hint, nudge, snicker>????? just kiddin, oahu is 20 mins away by plane.....
Most... if not all of us are from Oahu, so... if you stop by here, let us know and we can give you some ideas.
(The tourist stuff)

Get up REALLY early!! Then drive to, and watch the sun rise from the top of MT. Haleakala! If you like the scenery, you can Mountain Bike with a group down Mt Haleakala also.

As far as the "non tourist " stuff goes.... fishing, diving, surfing, or pretty much whatever outdoor/indoor activity you'd do back home if it were sunny. :D

Have a nice trip!! :)
Thanks for the suggestions guys...

Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to check out the sunrise!

Haleakala bike ride?

Sounds like fun..anyone wanna go one weekday? talk about downhill blasting....
To kill a day on Maui is to saddle the horses, fill the saddlebags with ice, ride down to Haliimaili store for beer, then trot thru the cane fields till you're blitzed. God, I miss doing that.
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