High Altitude to Sea Level


Hey Everyone,

I will be moving from Eastern New Mexico which is approximately 4500 Ft above sea level to the Gulf Coast and was wondering if there are any elevation change gotchas I should look out for? I would assume that since the GN is fuel injected I should have no issue as it will compensate for the change on its own. My car is equipped with a Razor Alky Kit and I run about 22 PSI on 90 Octane and it is tuned accordingly. I would generally expect only a change for the better at sea level and with access to 93 Octane but am unsure if these factors will completely negate the tuning I had done when I had the razor kit installed. I'm admittedly a noob with the GN and dont want to be caught off guard and damage the car in any way when I move. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys may have.
Since air is more dense at sea level than 4500', you may find more power if you add more fuel.

Without changing my tune from 1200' locally to over 3000' I will loose .2ths in the 1/4 mile plus a couple MPH.