High picthed whistle? where did that come from.


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
i have a 85 Regal w/ teh 2bbl 3.8 and the TH350 trans. i am not talkin about the usual whistle of teh trans in 1st gear but a high pitched one when i punch it.. and its only when in first. the car has 94k miles on it and the trans was rebuilt at about 82k. one of my friends has a shop and told me its a vacume leak on the trans some where.. but is it? i dont have time to put it on a lift yet.. but that is teh only problem.. no other weird noises.
Whistle is not trans
I had this happen once cant remember what it was... ck air pump if it has one

have u ever looked in ure engine compartment?

maby when u bought the car you did not see the turbo sitting on top of the motor?;)
oh god i wish... but if it was this slow w/ a turbo..lol. but it does sound like a turbo whistlin... i have no power loss.. or what little i have and no weird things happenin. so im not gunna think anything of it till it breaks..lol