Holley EFI with complete engine harness and CNP ignition with LS2 coils


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Jun 1, 2001
I have a complete Holley HP EFI set up with a custom engine harness and CNP iginition that I would like to sell. The engine harness is complete and plugs into the C100 fuse block connector just like the factory engine harness. The harness is long enough to mount the ECU under the passenger seat if desired. The harness is set up to work with a factory injector harness which is included. It will also come with a set of 6 LS2 coils on a bracket made to mount in the stock coil location. I will also include the MSD plug wires that I used with the LS2 coils. It will come with a program that was provided by Cal Hartline that I used on my GN that ran 10.43 @ 129 on it’s first trip to the rack. $1275 shipped for everything. Thanks


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