Holley EFI with low ind injectors


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Oct 7, 2009
I am going to purchase the Holley EFI. My question is injectors, I currently have low independence 120# injectors / 4l80e transmission. The Terminator X will control the transmission but not the injectors. Which high independence injectors would be the most comparable to what I have? Direct replacement?
Before I am told to purchase the Dominator instead of the Terminator, I am weighing the total cost difference as I am sure most would.
New injectors + Terminator VS Dominator complete
The Holley HP will support high & low impedance injectors . What fuel are you using ? If E85 just go with bosch 210's high impedance injectors and never worry about not having enough injector .
Definitely. I still have one of Eric's chips from the 80's when my car was new.
What Sam said.
A new set of injs is cheaper than a stand-alone control for the 80E.