FS: Low Mile 86/7 wiring harness, Cruz Holley HP harness


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I have 2 wiring harnesses up for sale.
First up is a low mileage 86/7 engine wiring harness (represented to me as from a 4K mile car). Has the relays and stuff still attached. It is in great shape; I did have to fix one wire that had been spliced in to at the C100 connector.

Second up is a Cruz Holley harness that will allow you to mount a HP/Terminator in the stock ECM location. It has provisions for AC but no Power Master wiring and includes a Smart Coil harness for valve cover mounted coils. I had installed this when I was installing the a Holley HP. There were a couple scrapes on a insulation of few wires when I was routing it past the dash that have been taped up. I ended getting a different harness from Cruz because I switched to a Dominator and mounted it under the seat.
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