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I'm a new guy here and I just bought a 1987 GN. It needed some work so I got started. Now, it's in the paint shop and I should get it back later this week. I went to check on it yesterday and they guy painting said we need to get the passenger side wheel well molding. I said ok shouldn't be a problem. I called around but no luck. I called GBody Parts and they told me they had them and they were already powder coated. Cool, I thought this would be easy. They he gave me the price...$250.00 EACH!!! What the hell? He said well, they're hard to find so they're expensive. Well, I didn't buy those. I did however find a website that had them in stock for $59.00 shipped for a set of 4 that were stainless steel. (The salesman said they were stainless anyway)

PartsTrain.com - Hard to Find Auto Parts and Truck Parts Here's the link for their site.

They had some other regal/GN parts too That I thought were reasonably priced. Just thought I'd let you know.
Welcome to the world of Buicks. Where it seems everything and anything is either hard to find, or expensive or both.

I wonder how much more expensive would parts for an old Mopar have costed?
Buy the stuff now, while you still can. It's only 'gonna get worse.

I can't believe how expensive $hits gotten in just the last 5 years or so.
there are a couple of NOS pieces on ebay for half that. I don't like the way the look, so I took mine off years ago.
sometimes its us the same people that are into these cars make them so expensive . There is two kinds of people the ones that love the hobby of buicks and the others that are in it to become rich or it least try too and those are the people that drive prices up.
are you sure those $59 shipped are oem style wheel moldings?

They guy I talked to said it was OEM... They won't be here til next week and my car shold be done by Friday. So, he's painting it and then I'm going to pick it up. I might just leave them off depending on how it looks. Does anyone have any pics with theirs off?
I doubt you found a set of 4 OEM moldings for $59, but do let us know what you found?

Personally, I would leave the moldings off. Dirt and moisture collect behind them, promoting rusting, and they don't add materially to the look of the car. Besides, you can always install them, such as years from now when someone finally steps up and produces quality replacements. In the meanwhile, you will have screw holes in the fenders (7, each) and quarters (6, each), unless you choose to fill them, which I would not as it would complicate installation in the future.

If you do go the powercoated route, be aware that the thickness of the powercoat can negatively affect the alignment of the moldings to the fenders and quarters - the holes may not align properly.

Lastly, the prices of NOS and quality used parts is sinful in many cases. Karma, gougers...
I thought I'd try to post some pics of my 1987 GN BEFORE it went off to paint. Also, since these pictures were taken, I have replaced the American Racing wheels with the stock GN wheels and lowered the car back to it's stock heighth. I will post more when I get it back from the paint shop.


If this doesn't work I will try to repost. I'm still new at this...


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I haven't put mine on yet...this is the best pic I can find.

Actually, I think that looks pretty good. I might just leave mine off. I just can't wait to get it out of the paint shop. I bought this car back in January and haven't got to drive it yet and it's killin' me but I want to it be done right I guess...

Here are some before pics... I was pretty rough. I'll post some interior pics when I get it back before it goes to the interior guy...