homemade hot wire no work


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i am trying to install a hot wire kit myself and i am almost done. Is the copper wire in the truck(triger wire) suppose to be hot,cause mine isn't. where does that wire come from
It's only hot when the pump is supposed to run: 1.start cycle and then 2.oil pressure up when running.
Not sure, maybe 3 seconds or so.
I 'think' that I remember it not cycling repeatedly(turn ignition off and back on several times), but I find it hard to believe the ECM is that smart.

One of the 2 loose wires behind the alternator will power the pump if you apply power. Don't remember which one, search for fuel tank drain. Be sure you get the right one, the other wire for the tach.
there is suppose to be a copper colored wire in the trunk that is suppose to triger it too or atleast what i read on the instruction on gnttype.org. thanks for ur help. i think i was just lookin for it to be hot all the time when the key is on