Hood clearance


I just bought an '86 T-Type with a S2 engine. Currently has a carb manifold and a Precision 90-deg plenum, which makes it tall enough to necessitate a cowl hood (which I don't care for). What intake manifolds are available that will provide clearance to a stock-style hood?

Mine has about an inch cut from the intake. No issues at all. As a matter of fact that is the setup on about 95% of stage 2 headed motors and I don't recall seeing a cowl hood on a Turbo Buick in a very long time.
Along the same line the carb pad on an On center 4BBL manifold is taller than an Off center. If yours is an On center you can machine down the carb flange to give you hood clearance.

Thanks for the input, guys. Mine does appear to have substantial material at the flange. I'll look into milling it down. Much appreciated.

Yeah, just make sure it doesn't get milled with a funky angle. Also when you get a chance, share some pics in the stage 2 picture thread.
Thanks. When I purchased my car, it already had an aftermarket cowl hood. I'll be shopping for a new stock-style fiberglass/CF hood later this year...