Hood liner removal/install?


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OK here is a stupid question I hate to ask.
It is not everyday you remove the hood liner & install a new one.

Is there a trick to pulling the plastic tabs so they don't get ruined on the reinstall?
You can also use one of those cheap tools that you would use to remove your door trim panels. Looks like a pickle fork made from stamped steel. Insulator clips=about $10,cheap tool=under$5.
I udes a pair of wire cutters to cut the plastic clips and installed new clips with an almost new liner. Clips are pretty cheap from GM.
I use 90 degree needle nose pliers to lever the clips out. The clips are really only designed for 1 use and most clips are usually looser on a re-install.

I found that Ace Hardware has black plastic hood insulator retainers that are the same large size as are used on the GN in their hardware section. They are about $.30 each.
Thanks Guys, ACE here I come & yes I have those weird door handle pullers from about 1976.. That should work.
I don't want to ruin the current liner because it can still be used.