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May 24, 2001
GM now has vehicle invoices available for some 1982 Buicks. $50 is not cheap, but this is valuable documentation for your '82 GN.
Vehicle Invocies GM Media Archive
Order Instructions http://www.gmmediaarchive.com/?page=4

Thank you for your interest in the GM Media Archive. Please see the attached order form. Please fill it out, including your payment information, and send back. Once received, we can begin researching for your vehicle invoice or build record. The vehicle invoice is the documentation of the vehicle cost broken out by model and factory options. It contains the original ship to dealer information, MSRP and invoice number that General Motors used to bill the dealer. The collection is archived on microfilm, microfiche, CD and is organized by VIN number. The collection covers almost all cars & trucks produced in the United States starting in the mid 1970's.* Vehicle Invoices are printed from microfilm or microfiche then scanned and emailed as an Adobe PDF for $50 USD.

The build record is a document that followed the vehicle down the assembly line as the car was being built. Assembly line workers used the option codes on the build record to determine which part they were to install. The build record option codes were specific to different vehicle lines and require decoding to understand individual options.
Cadillac is the only General Motors division that was able to preserve the majority of their factory build records all the way back to 1903. These build records have taken on many forms over the years. Early build records were hand written in oversized leather bound journals. While more recent records are computer generated.
Build records are available for Cadillac only. There are no Cadillac build records available for 1968, 1974-1979 and some 1973 models. Cadillac build records are printed from microfilm or microfiche. This package will include information pertaining to the option code and be mailed USPS for $50 USD.

Allied Vaughn is a tier one supplier to GM, and manages the General Motors Dealer invoice and build sheet collection. If paying by credit card, your account will be charged withing two business days of fulfillment. Your credit card will be processed by Allied Vaughn.

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Here is an example for my car. If you already have an invoice, please share it here or send it to me at b4black@flash.net I will keep it on file with whatever else I have on that '82 GN VIN.

They all should be pretty much optioned the same. I bought this car in New Jersey. According to the invoice, it was originally sold by Straub Motors in Keyport, NJ.


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I wasn't able to get the invoice for my other car. I did get some information. (I was not charged the $50)
Thank you for your interest in the GM Media Archive. Please see a copy of your vehicle invoice and paid receipt attached. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the vehicle invoice for your Buick VIN ending in CH22730. I was able to locate the invoice number, the plant code it was delivered to, and the invoice date. However, in searching through drawers and drawers of microfiche, it appears the records for the entire month of July 1982 is missing. I am so sorry.

1G4AK473XCH225730: Invoice # 4A20037348 / Dealer # 10-486 / Invoice Date: 7/6/82

I know it's from Illinois. Just need to figure out what dealer is code 10-486.
The one I had them do for my car, was very impressed with how quick the return was.


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