Looking for image/copy of Canadian window sticker


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I recently purchased and brought back into the states a 1986 T-Type that was a Canadian export and delivered in Old Mill Pontiac-Buick in Toronto, ON. I plan to show the car pretty extensively so I was getting all my factory documentation in order - just received a copy of the dealer invoice from GM Media Archives today. I then went to the last place an order for a duplicate window sticker from AAA Enterprises, but they can only reproduce window stickers for vehicles delivered in the US. So that sucks.

I found a company that says they can assist in getting a duplicate window sticker made for the vehicle but they need to see some examples to use as a template. I am looking for any images/copies/photos of a Canadian delivered TR model years 83 through 87.

Thank you for any help you could give me on this little project.

I'm still looking for a copy/image of a Canadian window sticker for an 86 or 87 TR. Please reach out to me if you have something that could be helpful.