Hot air HP

I don't know of anyone who has done a dyno. I do know that a magazine dynoed a hotair stock and then turned the boost to 20psi with a chip, filter, open downpipe, and racegas and put down 305 flywheel hp. Sounds aweful high to me but who knows.
That would be about 244 HP at the wheels which would put that car in the high 13's. That does sound right, but not without fuel system mods...
by the calculater my 13.0's at 104.5 to 104.9 says that im making 333 hp at the rear wheel with 3700 # car and only fuel mod is adj. regulator...:confused:
I find it very hard to believe a "stock" 84-5 will dip into the 13's.
A "stock" hotair will hit 13s. Been there done that. There's a guy on this board running bottom 13s with pretty much nothing but tuning done.
This is true i was there , very low 13s probly high 12s and a stock fuel pump i belive ,a fast car my eyes dont lie.
oh well you guys are gonna be loosing one of your low 13 second hotairs soon ......i/c motor getting close to being done

but in the next couple weekends being up to the weather of course im going back to the track on my buddy's hoosier's and im thinking of opening up the ext. too just to see if it helps

im sure with just the tires to get a boosted holeshot i'll get my 12 second time slip but i wanna check out ext. restriction also

and yep CRAZYGN met up with me at budds creek raceway to see for himself nothing special at all to my car just alot of getting your hands dirty and paying alot of attention to the lil details apon reasemble...later.....RED