Hot air intake porting is it worth it


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So i know the intake restriction is the limiting factor on these hot air cars. How much do i stand to gain by porting? I know it will help . I don't want to put a 86/87 intake on it .
Mild port job will support 10s. If you have the heads off the car I would port the intake.

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Engine is on the stand just put short block together, im ready to get these ports opened. I was thinking about boring out the air inlet on the intake and welding a larger adapter on it looks kind of small . I have extra intake.
Just did mine
Like 40 hours worth. Gasket matched to the stock gasket with a carbide bit. Took alot off on the roofs around the injector, but this is probably the least important part. I used 80 grit sanding drums on a long mandrel to get deep. Then switched to 120 grit. I have a ported turbo adapter that is almost the same I.d. as the intake so I didn't do much work there. I had to have the egr hump welded up to get enough material to do the knife edge there. I read on here that #4 runner flows the worst so spent some extra time on it. I also did the intakes on the heads and bowl blended, 3 angle valve job. Ported compressor housing and t.b. no exhaust porting. No fun but hope it's wort it.
Ive been thinking about doing this myself but not sure on what all to grind out. Would like to match to the gaskets at minimum. Lots of grinding. Wish there was a sticky on this.