Hot air or carb/turbo down pipe re-do design


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Mar 9, 2009
The old down pipe I had looked like it got hit with a hammer everywhere and it was time to replace it. Stock is 2 1/4 crinkle bent. Double walled too so it gets close to 2 1/8. The new one is 2.5" aluminized mandrel tube. Took a good day of fabrication but it looks really good in the end. Should take out some of the lag that the C/T cars have.

Step one was to build a jig. Used the old one and a bunch of 2 1/2" pipe clamps to hold it in place. Then welded some stands in and welded the clamps to the stands in important places. Basicly keeps the pipe from getting too close to the exhaust manifold and keeps the end in the same place. Have a good 1 1/2 clearnce to the air box and frame.


Basicly there. Had to re-do the second bend due to it getting too close to the air box. Now it has plenty of room.




Got it too the welder and he TIG welded it up for me. Glad I spent the money to do it right instead of using the wire welder.



I re-titled it to help some of the other guys. Hope you don't mind.:redface:

You did a great job with it and I'm waiting to see how well it works for you. If you contact rmar (Ronnie Martin) on the board I'm sure he'd be more than happy to coat it for you. He really does some great work with powder coating.:biggrin: