Hot Air Performance V1 Intake


What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
well guys im going to have my V1 intake up for sale in September. If any hotair guys would like to get there hands on it let me know im taking offers on it. Im pretty sure everyone has seen pics of it. i cant post any pics of it right now since im in the desert but if you need some i can have my brother post them up. anyways send me a pm if your interested.
now if i could just find someone who wants this intake. the money will be used for a XFI system

Did I see that intake at Nick's house about 10 months ago?

yes you did.Its powder coated grey and gutted and ported. I droped it off to have them see if they could modded it more but im going a different route that i would rather not say on the board at this time.

you finally gonna the join the inter cooler crowd??

Nope im sure not :) I will never put an intercooler on this car as i have way to much fun playing with the intercooled guys that run high 11's and slower.
i did at one point in time. i will put a new post in there as soon as i get home in september. Someone will like this intake.
ok here it is i will let it got for $300 or im will to trade it for some Roller Rockers.
I wish I could use it. I think I've gone too far with my set up in a different direction though.
its all good. if i get cash for it im going to save up for a XFI but im also looking for a set of Roller Rockers.
Bump for a piece that works.
I was one of the first group that got these from turbomotion way back when. Cost me $450 + (if I recall correctly) and my intake for a core, and didnt look quite as nice as this one does. Nice bang for the buck.
I still have mine and with my small turbo still have not taken full advantage of all the air flow that is there.
thanks for the bump. figured i would post it up again. i will be coming home in less then a week so im going to be ready to box it up and ship it to the new owner as soon as it sales.

V1 pretty new at performance manifolds for the turbo regals. I have a 85 GN stock. What more performance equipment would be required to use this V1 efficently? Boy those pics sure make you want it real bad. 60,000 miles. Thanks Turbo 85.