HOT-AIR REGISTRY, join here!

bryan, i still need to add my car.

i joined this one many moons ago.

Notes from Brent Hayhurst

as far as all the info you need i will have to type that up later. i can also send you a picture as well. for now

Name Brent Hayhurst
City and State Tucson Arizona
Year 1984
Model T-Type (WH1)
Exterior Color Black and Grey 2 Tone
Interior Color Sand Grey
Date acquired 1997
Mileage 84,000
Emailaddress to include (Optional)
VIN- The current numbering system includes a portion of the VIN. will get this later as well.
Modifications will type this up later
Timeslip info will give you this next time out
I signed up yesterday, will try to get more Hot Air Owners in the Club signed up. My son has an '84 GN w/87 drivetrain, does it count?:confused: lol
Almost ready to upload new updates. If everything goes well it should be in place tomorrow evening. :)
the site is down.

I tried refreshing my browser and still not working

i have a 84 wh1 t-type loaded...........................
Tried to register but the page is blank...just a bunch of gray turbo 6 logos/ would like to register though...sound cool
i submitted my info. and no posting of it. i was wondering how long it will take to see my baby up there.
Whenever I click on the Hot Air registry link I get a blank grey page. Is it just me?
I'm 901036 and ended up going 12.59@105 back in the day also live in Tacoma aw now.