hot air trans ID


slow and low
Mar 10, 2010
Would anybody be so kind as to share their knowledge about if a 200r4 from a 84 GN would be a desirable purchace if it were reasonably priced? What I mean by that is, are there any huge differences between the earlier and later 200r4s, or are they pretty much the same(ish). Do they share the same codes? As it stands right now, I had to purchace a valvebody from Lonnie Diers to get my trans (in my 86 GN) to shift properly since it is not the proper trans for a turbo Buick. It's the trans that the P.O. installed in it, so stop yelling at me. God only knows where my trans is from anyway. I came accross one for fairly cheap (as a core) but if it's not desirable, than I'll pass on it.
Should be a BQ code. >> THM 200-4R Information
It wont have all the upgrades the later Trans have such as Hardened Sun Shell & Stator Support or 690 Pump Body w/lip to retain bushing but, is a good Trans to build. It would have a good Valvebody, Governor & I'm not sure which size Servo the Hot air's got 692 or largest 694. Someone will chime in with all the Info.
All the upgraded parts are usually added/modded when building anyway. ;) = Hardened Sunshell & Stator support are cheap + Pump bushing can be Staked in place and drain hole enlarged.