200R4 from what?


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Jan 11, 2023
Hi, I'm in the process of trying to find a 200R4 for my 1976 Trans Am. I was told this was THE PLACE for 200R4 questions. I've located a couple of possible units from a guy who deals in these. However, the transmission tag codes don't make sense when attempting to use the code listing from the best reference site I've found.

200R4 codes

He sent me images of the tags (below are the codes). While they have the CR F and CR Z codes on the tags, I'm not sure they are one of the more desirable units or even if they are 200R4s. Any idea what these are?

Thanks dynoman! Also, anyone reading this please ignore the first 300- number I listed. That is not one of the units.
If they are cheap enough buy both. The hard parts are hard to get now. No one will do anything without a core exchange. Billet forward drum for example.
Thx SS/GN... thought about that but really don't have room to start storing spare parts. I've asked the seller for a photo of the pan to make sure it is a 200R4 and not one of the other 200 variants. I'm just concerned the tag numbers don't decode to anything on the link I posted.

That brings me to my next question, from what I've read the High Performance (SS, GN, 442) units are more desirable because of a couple of upgrade internals. If you are going to be doing a complete performance build, does it still matter which 200R4 you start with?
The main difference is the valve body , which are different with each trans code . The BR being the most desirable . That is why I suggested Dave Husek as he has reworked different valve bodies .
So, got a photo of the pan and valve body and it has the "pink" vb which is what you want? Will give Dave a call too. Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure I'll be back to this forum quite a bit as I proceed with this project.


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They are marked with BR as well. They should say BR on the same side as the pink. Here are some pictures of what I'm speaking about. Mine says BR3. This valve body is from a BRF 1987 Buick Grand National with the 2004R. There should also be a BRF tag on the passenger side of the transmission case near the tail shaft area.


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Call Dave or any reputable 200R4 builder. They will be able to point you in the right direction. The BR valve body has the best shift points however others can be made to do similar things. The BRF unit is the best way to go. I'm looking to install a 200r4 in my old Vette. Gotta have the overdrive! :)
Can't say that looks like a stock 2004r bottom feed filter so someone has been in there.
I'd want that cz unit if it has the matching vb and gov combo.
Internals pretty much the same. Vb, governor, servo(that cz would have one ending in 692 from the factory) are what sets the performance units apart.
You gonna go with a diy unit or sending it off to someone? I'll not recommend a local that doesn't have a list of happy 2004r customers. You will also need a TV cable and setup and converter for your combo. X2 on the D Husek. He can sell you what you need.
Ohio has Extreme Automatics. Lonnie is good with the 200 too. 513-898-0553
Dave gets most build on this sight.
Pick your builder wisely or we will be using the fames words from the Last Crusade " He chose poorly"
That czf is from a Monte Carlo SS. Wrenching with Phil on YouTube is rebuilding a czf too. I've been learning alot following his progress on the rebuild on his channel and from reading this forum.
In the first minute of the first video he shows the czf tag here

Why not try the rebuild yourself? If you fail then send it to a pro....
Picked up the CZF unit this week. Servo does end in 692. Guess I'm just a little confused as to why this unit doesn't decode using the link everyone seems to reference. According to that page all CZF units should be 15 digits, this one only has 13 (which is supposed to be for 82-85 units). However, using the 82-85 decode info, it still doesn't make any sense.
Thx for posting that video plcguru, I'd kind of like the challenge of DYI but I do have a local guy I'll be checking with.

HensleyT, love that line from "The Last Crusade"!


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Most turbo Buicks on this sit make 400+ HP and torque.A 400 Pontiac can make some good power too.
A turbo 400 has been put behind ever high horsepower engine out there. so anyone should be able to make one work.
Likewise with the 200 but it was behind 305 chevy the Cadillac and a half a dozen led sled in the GM fleet.
Lonnie and Dave have spent years perfecting the 200 a stock built BR or CZ won't holdup to even 300 HP very long.
Both builders transmission will not be cheap, but their not building boxes for your ants Cadillac. or your uncle SS Montie making 185 HP.
Right, I understand there are quite a few upgrades that are needed. I'm going to talk to my rebuild guy and get an idea of his 200 experience. I'll need to feel comfortable that he knows what he is doing. Thanks to everyone for the info and advice!