HOT!!!! Hot air turbo


I need a little help please. I recently purchased a 1984 GN and the turbo runs so hot that it has even burned through the hood insulation and the clearcoat on the hood.....Did anyone else ever have this happen or heard of this????????
Mine has destroyed the insulation, but not the paint. However the hood does get VERY hot. Is the paint original?? If not, maybe it was painted with a lower quality paint that can't take the heat.
Thanks for the info. Does yours get extremely hot. At an idle for a couple of minutes the turbo is too hot to even think about touching....Does this sound normal????
Red Hot mamas!

Mine has destroyed the insulation as well. Even after 5 minutes of running the car, its gets too hot to touch. Thats all normal operation. Its not uncommon for the turbo exhaust elbow to get cherry red hot after booting that thing pretty good and hard. HTH:p
There was actually a stock part that is a shield that should fit in the liner to help a little. For some reason not very many cars seem to have them. Heck ours gets so hot it melted wires. I plan on putting an extra plate on my liner to help protect from the heat
My hood insulation was also destroyed, but I bought new insulation for under the hood. Also, when I bought my car and the hood insulation was ripped, the heat from the turbo had actually warped and peeled the paint from the hood and gave it a nice rusted crap looking warp piece of crap appearance.:D It looks good now.
Most likely your insulator has been replaced with one from the later years. The hotair one is raised up away from the turbo in that area and there is a factory heat shield that is most likely missing from your car. "No Parking" signs work very well as aftermarket shields.
One other thing--do your up & down pipes still have the mesh stuff on them (insulation), or not? Bare pipes will fry the insulation pronto!
Ditto the ATR pieces, no problems at all with heat. Hey TType84, did you have any problems with the crossmember and the ATR pieces? I think I'm getting some rub...
I'll stand corrected on the bare pipes---was a long time ago when mine fried, and now I remember that my up-pipe was cracked, and the crack was right next to the insulation...

I remember last summer when I was making a few passes on my car I used the hot turbo to cook up some Hot-Dogs....It started out as just a joke..but in the end we cooked up about 5 hot dogs when the day was over!

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ive only got atr up/dp's ...

im buying atr headers once we get the motor sorted out..

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