hot wire kit

the wrath

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i was wondering what would happen if i put a hotwire kit on a stock fuel pump could i turn up the fuel pressure i am only running 30 psi with the line off right now on a stock engine with a 17 pound boost chip please let me know if this will work and oh i do have a stock typhoon fuel pump ac delco new in the box will this work in place of the stock pump
The stock fuel pump is barely enough for a stock engine. You really need to upgrade to at least a 340. You're wasting your time hot wiring a stock fuel pump.
i'm using a walbro 307 probs ... but there really isnt a good reason to use a 307 instead of a 340 unless your getting a REALLY good deal on the 307. Normally they are priced so closely it just makes sense to use the 340.

IMHO and from what i've learned here on the boards; the FUEL system is the last thing you want to skimp on! Just grin n bear it and drop the money on a pump; it'll be the most important and prolly the least expensive thing you'll do to your car.