Hotair pics

Nice Marc, I didn't know your car was featured on gnttype :)

And nice burnout pic BTW!

Hey guys, looking at the phot of the engine compartment, where can I get the plastic 90 deg elbow with the flex (is this part of it) on the inlet from the filter?

my pics 84 gn
the hot air phenom has arrived.

84 GN, KB ultra chip, w/ adj. thermostat, ATR trans. supercooler,ATR boost guage, casper knock guage, posi, 8.8 magnecore wires,acr42ts plugs, ATR headers, ATR up-pipe,'custom" cold air kit. quiet but crappy flowmaster(soon to be straight pipes).waiting to win lottery so i can get a turbomotion kit. times soon to come!