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May 27, 2001
Hey guys...we all message back and forth about our individual difficulties and we share ideas on this site about our hotair cars.

How about posting some pics of our cars so everyone can see what you drive ?

Just a thought - in order to get to know one another's cars better - thats what its all about right ?

I have posted my car on Its a free site and real easy to post ur pics.
Here's a link....hope it works !

Check out my pics and maybe post some of your own.... unless you already have a web site !
Now keep in mind that my beast is a car I bought for 3,200 CDN and I began from the ground up - starting with a much needed motor rebuild and driver's floor. I am at a point now where I have completed the floor, engine (sans wrapping a few wires) and the car is at the body shop for about a 1 month job. The car will get all new metal (no cheese) in all the spots I have pictured. When it gets back I will do the window motor upgrade and buy a new pwr seat motor.

I have a new carpet, door and window rubbers on order to make the body and interior just right. I will also be ordering some interior door and console pieces from BFH. Enjoy....

Hey nick...nice ride.

I liked the group shots the best....hopin' to find me an 87 grill to put on like in those pics.
I sent you a pic , if i find out how to put it on i'll put it on for yea.

take care ,
Nice pics guys. Love seein the engine pics, there are so many different things I notice right away, I guess from pulling the engine you get to know all the little bits and pieces :)

See my sig for pics.

Hey BFH! Which came first? The Buick or the muskrat? Nice bike man. A friend of mine's dad has a bike shop here in town. He used to be a flat-tracker but now he's old and is into the vintage stuff(of course, his flat track stuff is vintage now...). Mostly Triumph's, Indian's, and the ocassional Harley. What you got done to it(the bike)? How long have you owned it?
ive got a 30-0-30 autometer carbon fiber boost gauge now.. its purty.. hehe it was only $40 too.. i sold the old 30-0-20.
Originally posted by COPTZR
What you got done to it(the bike)? How long have you owned it?
In order of purchase:
Buick (12-83...I've found nobody who's owned an SFI TR longer than me!)
Harley (4-92)
Mustang (4-95)
Vette (6-01)

I drove the Harley 'til the end of summer '95, then had it completely gone thru. Frame's stretched 4", lowered 3", the gold scallops are actual gold, rear shock bolt covers are gold plated, engine has an S&S 4.625" stroker crank, S&S rods, bored .030 over (by accident, shoulda been .010), which makes it a hair over 75 inches, 8-to-1 TRW pistons (was gonna be 10 to 1, but decided to make it "starter" friendly!), Andrew's tranny gears, Sifton cams (for HIGH rpm use, they don't go with the stroker at ALL, it's the $hits to have the mega-power start at 5500 when you're swingin' 4-5/8" worth of rods around, things could get ugly at 7000!), S&S super E carb, and a Karata BELT DRIVE primary (the harley mechanics look at me like I'm nuts, "you can't put a belt on a sporty!"). Only thing I DIDN'T have done was to fully port the heads, but that's coming soon!

For a harley, she be fast! (fastest thing I own actually!)
That's a nice bit of work. I'm not a bike man myself, but I have a lot of respect for the work that goes into them(when you hang around someone who lives for em and by em, it runs off). Funny thing is my friend has never owned one as long as I've known him. He has owned one in the past(not a Harley) but he is slowly getting out of his bike crazed state and into cars. He recently got his first "perf. car"(a '77 camaro...BLEH!) and he and his step-dad(not the one with the shop) are planning to build a 383 for it. It'll be a nice first street car for him, but he's always blabbing on about how fast it's gonna go. When I got my first hotair car a few weeks ago, I told him I'd race him in it. He didn't think I was serious. He knows how fast the IC'd cars go(I've owned a few), but he doesn't realize his car will probably run 13's(about where my 84 will be when he gets his done). He wants to go low12's-high11's in the camaro. I keep telling him he can't do it and remain streetable with a carbed 383(he's going to drive it daily) unless he's spraying. So, he finally has decided to go with a bottle. It's not going to be pretty when they blow that thing apart(neither has ever built an engine like this and never used nitrous on anything). Oh yeah, they plan to run the original stock rearend! His dad was talking about a blower, but my friend doesn't want one hangin out of the hood. His dad is one of those guys that thinks you can put a cam, intake, carb, and headers on a 350 and go racing. He has been reading some books and looking through the parts catalogs I've taken over there for them, but I really don't think they realize how hard it's going to be to make that thing run fast. Anyway, I have blabbed on more than enough. I really should get a digital camera so I can show off my stuff too!
Now that's a clean looking car. All your cars look great guys keep up the good work.
84WH1 Looks great and i gave you a 10 by the way. Can some body help me get my pic on here i dont know what iam doing.
hey crazygn ...e-mail me the pic. you want up and i'll resize it to fit cause your pics are big.

then i'll send it back to you with