Houston buick club @ autorama


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The Houston Buick Club has 6 cars on display this year @ Autorama in the George R. Brown Convention Center. 2 Grand Nationals, an '86 WH1, a white T Type, '65 Wildcat, & '63 Wildcat. The display is right up front next to the Lonestar Buick Club display. Go check 'em out, Autorama will be open all weekend until 7:00 pm Sunday night. :)
Sweeeet! My dad took Best of Class at Autorama with this 87 GN. Looking forward to the pics. I took a long lunch to see the show and forgot my camera.
Pictures are posted for those who missed it. ;)
Out of the 7 cars, 5 took prizes home.
Wow, nice to see my old car place 2nd. I sure did'nt think I'd miss her like I do.:(

The guys spend about 2 full days detailing and buffing/waxing it.
Looked GREAT when they got it, but they wanted to make sure they placed.
It is a GREAT car!

You done with Buicks?