How about Cal's Street Encounter?

Cal's Street Encounter

WOW!!! That has to be one of the best kill stories I've ever read:D The amazing part of that kill was he beat this high 10 second Stang by 6-7 car lengths with an extra 520lbs in the car with street tires and pump gas!:eek: Let's all say it together "Grand Nationals Rule and Mustangs Suck!";) :cool:
I can't get the link to work, anybody else have problems?

That was just too funny:D At least the guy in the mustang went thru with putting the sticker up:) I would have expected him to flat out refuse. That was a good deal:)
I also wonder how many times he had to explain that sticker:)
AH, what memories...

I remember this story too, from when it first came out. I am really impressed the guy went through with putting the sticker up, but I guess he is one of those rare folks that live up to their word. I think another comment was made, that putting the sticker on might have been agreed to, but the car would have been left inside a garage for the 30 days (was it 30 days?)

The link didn't work for me either when I tried it just now...:(