How can I plumb a Grainger Valve in with my Racegate?


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I've seen a bunch of posts on how to use these with the stock actuator, but how can I use it with my Racegate?

Right now I've got it connected to a small air compressor regulator and can only get 17psi max with a 9lb spring in the Racegate. I used to have a Deltagate and this setup worked fine for 22psi and then some. I'm guessing the regulator isn't pushing enough air through for the Racegate. I got a Grainger valve based on recommendations in an earlier post.

Thanks for any replies.

How much boost are you getting when you turn the valve all the way closed, running on racegate spring pressure only??

Something you might try is to preload the racegate some more. It should change the boost range of the valve adjustment.