How did you mount your SMC control box??


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May 27, 2001
My kit is on the way, and I was wondering if any of you have gotten creative with where you've mounted it. If possible add some pics. TIA

At first I was planning on mounting the control box somewhere out of sight. I finally gave up and decided to mount it on the side of the dash like most people so I could have easy access to the dials during a run and constant line of sight to the indicator lights. After several months with it mounted like that I've started to like it. My advice is to try mounting it on the side of the dash with velcro. If you dont like it or find a better place it's a snap to move. Only downside I've found so far is all the annoying questions I get from passengers. Between the alcohol controller, scanmaster, and boost gauge, I spend 15 minutes with each new passenger explaining what o2 milivolts and knock retard mean and what alcohol injection does.
Since I have a dash mat, I thought the SMC box would look a little strange sitting where most do. I Mounted mine on the passenger side of the Center console under the radio. Mounted it about the same angle as the gauges are under the radio, Still have easy access to the knobs and can see the LED's, not in line of sight though. Sorry, no digital camera yet!
i have mine mounted on the drivers side of the radio pod. i wanted to keep it out of site, but still have quick access to it.


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I still have to send mine in for the last 4 upgrades & still need to get the knock sensor hooked up to kill the BSTC whenever it detects knock. With the small control I currently have, I was going to put it in the console w/ the alky spray light & low alky lights hooked up in the dash where Buick originally intended them to be. The main power switch would be in the ashtray w/ the TCC lockup & other switches. I may have to rethink after I get the upgrades.
Finally got a pic of it, sorry it's such a bad pic though:rolleyes:


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