How do I get Free Music from


Oct 28, 2009
I was told from a guy at radioshack that there are sights out there that I can download free music to my Ipod from. One was Playlist and I think he said skeemr, but it looks like skeemr might be down. Anybody have a sight they like best?;) Thanks....
be careful lots of viruses on the free music sites.
run a scan on all downloaded music before trying to play them.
I use now that limewire was closed.
Find a private site like NZBMatrix and pay a 10$ one time fee and 30$ a month for a newsgroup site like giganews. Then DL as many new and old Movies, Games, TV shows, Books, Music, Apps etc... as you like... This way you get the best of the best stuff virus free, you can always get a HD copy of movies way before they come out on DVD and sometimes while they are still in theaters.

Or if you prefer torrents get a invite code for a site like just remember to seed or they will eventually ban you.
Frostwire. Since Limewire is down ive been downloading hundreds of songs from there for the past couple weeks. No viruses at all atleast none so far but i run a virus check every night anyway
Frostwire seems to be a 1/4 of the content of Limewire...
you can find more on takes abit to learn how to use it...I find most of the stuff is in 320 kb. will sell you tunes for 10-15 cents each and whole albums for 99 cents and they take paypal.
If you're on a Widows PC (not sure about apples.. sry).. you can download "Quicktime".. it's a media player.. it has a "download" feature that'll let you save files it streams.

When I play a song on Playlist, a dowload box pops up above their media player... I hit it, it saves the song.. and it's on my PC.

NOW.. Some can be burned to CD's... but you'll need to convert them to MP3 or WMA first. WMA if you don't have a MP3 capable CD player.

Good luck.