how do I get my car in GMHTP magazine?

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Jul 10, 2002
I would like to see my car in the reader's ride section or something but am not sure about how to do it. Their website isn't really clear about who to send info to. I know my car isn't a show car and definitely isn't worthy of a feature, but just to get recognized once would be cool for any car guy. I figure if a 3rd gen Camaro with a cold air kit and a flowmaster can get it, why not me? Anyone done this before?
Send in a couple of good overall print photos of your car, with a brief history, timeslips/dyno numbers, and contact info, to:

GMHTP, Primedia
Attn: Street Heat
365 West Passaic St.
Rochelle Park, NJ

Please note our new address.

We know that there are a lot of you guys with normal TRs/TTAs like mine (read, not show quality), it sure would be nice to add those cars in with our normal helping of F-bodies in Street Heat.

It would also be cool if those of you involved with clubs would take overall photos with all of your cars and send them in with some club info--what do you think?
Sounds like a great idea to get more info about TR's in the magazine.

Even the ones that do not run 8's
Well hello Rick...Nice to see you GMHTP guys are coming over here and checking out the board...I love reading the articles with your car in them, course maybe that's because I own one also.
Hey Rick,

First off.. Excellent job of Buick coverage in recent issues! I know there's not much material on us Buick guys floating around, but I'm sure we could stir up some more with local Buick events. And with you guys visiting the boards and encouraging some folks here to send info on their cars.

Perhaps quick coverage of the GN vs Mustang events at E-Town, Atco, and such. There's also the East Coast Buick Performance Weekend at Cecil County Dragway every October that would make a decent column with some pictures. If these events got more magazine coverage, they would grow even larger.

As for your mention of getting clubs featured, us MAGNA boys are going to try and set something up in the spring time, and get some good group photos at one of our monthly gatherings. We will be sure to send in our best images. This is also cool since GMHTP is within our clubs region.

Feel free to pop in on us on under the clubs section as well, to see what some of us locals are up to.

I havent gotten my March issue with Hartline's car yet!.. Damn USPS...
Rick and GMHTP have been checking ou this message board for a while now. Great coverage on the Nat's this year. Are you guy's coming back again this year, Rick?
Awesome! thanks for the clear info and its nice to know that there is a magazine out there that still has faith in the TR crowd. I must admit, these are some of the best bunch of guys around and most anyone is willing to help out. Rick, keep an eye out, there will be a few pictures and info on a 1986 WH1 coming your way soon!

Thanks again! :D
best magazine by far. only one i have a subscription to that i end up reading cover to cover any more

i want to be a writer for you guys.
im a good writer!

(as long as i can use spellcheck:cool: )
I would encourage MAGNA and the other Buick clubs to not wait until spring to send something to Street Heat. It seems like people always want to wait until they have finished one more mod or knocked a few more tenths off their best pass before they send us a letter and we all know how never-ending that process can be.

There will be some lag between the time a letter is mailed and when it actually gets written up in the magazine. I always attempt to contact people personally before I write up their car, so I can add changes at a later date and add links to websites that might have current information. All we really need is four Buicks from the same club and you can fill up the entire back page :)
The problem with not waiting until the weather is better it that alot of the club members put there cars away for the winter. So there would not be as great of turnout for a photo in the winter as there would in the spring/summer. Is it possible if we "MAGNA" got all our cars or as many members cars together at once to get an over all shot of the club stading next to there cars or something like that? Instead of just having 4 cars from the club on the magizine? Its nice to have 4 cars represent the club as you said but I am just wondering if its possible to have the whole club represent themselves in a big group photo. What do you think?
Ed beat me to it!

What he said. Believe me I'd rather not hesitate on this idea, but winter time is the issue. We still have a good amount of members who come out in the winter. (Us diehards) But a lot of the guys have their cars tucked away for the off season. I personally would probably be rebuilding my motor through the winter if I had another vehicle for daily transportation. As soon as the decent weather arrives, we could really put something nice together.
Rick and I have knocked the idea around of featuring specific clubs on that page, but we haven't settled on a format yet. One possibility might be a group photo with a description about the club, plus pictures and profiles on three club members' cars. What do you guys think about that? Any other suggestions on how to best utilize the space on that single page to showcase clubs?

If you want to wait until summertime that's fine, but in the meantime I sit with a batch of about 40 Street Heat cars and almost all of them are fourth gen F-bodies. If anyone else would like to break up that monotony, feel free to send us a letter. I'm sure you guys have pictures of your cars laying around somewhere!

The volume of Street Heat mail we get is such that we could run three fourth gens in every issue and we'd still run out of non-fourth gens first. Ultimately, I'd like to run at least two non-fourth gens in every issue.

BTW, I also write Hometown Hot Rodding for PHR and that magazine has a similar problem, except they have an overabundance of Chevy letters (mostly tri-5s and Camaros). The process is basically the same there- send a picture and letter to the address on the page. Don't forget to include contact information and websites/messageboards you're affiliated with.
What exactly is the "Street Heat" segment about? I might participate. Just purchased a new digital camera toy, so I could go play photographer and send something in. My car is definiately not show car, and I'm in the middle of dealing with some pain in the @ss issues at the moment, but I would submit something if its a large list of street cars being featured.
Right now, Street Heat is a column that showcases the rides of our readers, regardless of how modified or unmodified they are. We have talked about occasionally focusing on clubs if they send in enough letters, but that hasn't happened yet. If you use a digital image, please make sure the camera is at least 3 megapixels and the photo is printed on high-quality photo paper. We can't use low-res images or images printed on typing paper. If your digital camera, paper or printer isn't up to the task, consider using a disposable camera, as regular film pictures work great.
I got in by...

Complaining about their magazine. Then they published my letter. I emailed Johnny back and he called me out on my car. I sent him some pictures and voilla, about 3 weeks later, I was in Englishtown, NJ spending an afternoon at the track watching Rick and Johnny shoot my car. It was a great time. Even got to ride in a friggin fast Viper.

Never met Jim but Rick's one of us. He's a really cool guy that's down to earth (he's from the flatlands after all).

Rick is going to shoot my next car in a year or so, right Rick?
Ahh, duh.. my fault. It's the readers rides section. I just never knew it was called Street Heat off hand.

My camera is 3.1 MP. Is there any way you guys could receive the pictures via e-mail? That way they're already rendered on the computer. Not sure how well they'll print out, since my printer is just a basic HP Deskjet. It's "photo quality" but we'll see. I have yet to test it out. It prints very well, but when larger images are resized smaller, sometimes there's some distortion.

Sending the images over the net would be easier, but not sure if you guys accept them that way or not.
Matt, I just got a 5.0 megapixel kodak digital camera for Christmas
we could use mine if needed. Also I believe my new computer & printer also prints pictures on the 4x6" glossy photo paper. The camera takes awsome pics....
Here we go...

Nashty, you publicity whore––there are how many cool guys who need a car featured and here you are again yapping about the latest and greatest from your garage. Don't you have a combine to fix or something? Hee Hee

By the way--FYI feature-pushers, that complaining crap to get into the mag only worked on Hunkins;)

We'll be waiting for your submissions.
All that stuff I said about Rick? Forget it all, he's drunk with power and a real prick.

If bashing the magazine won't work this time, I'll take a personal approach. Rick's mom dresses him and his shoes STILL don't match.

NOW, how about that feature?

WAIT - A JD combine has a turbocharged, intercooled fuel injected 6 cylinder! I SMELL FEATURE BABY !!!!
Originally posted by GrndNatnl
My camera is 3.1 MP. Is there any way you guys could receive the pictures via e-mail?

Until we hear otherwise, we still need to receive real pictures via regular mail. Part of the reason is due to the inconsistency with digital equipment and image quality and the other part of it is logistical, as our art department is located on the other side of the country.