how do i hook up new boost gauge and where to?


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hello guys, i got a new boost gauge from sunpro just wonderd where to hook it up to instrucitons relly suck any help please.:confused:

:) thanks :)
You could just Tee' the Clear Plastic line into the MAP sensor Vac line.

That is the hard black plastic line that runs behind the turbo and over to the passenger side fender wall.


You could remove the plug from the front of the intake (it is square, and is just below the fuel pressure reg) then take a brass fitting, and your clear line, and run it from that port up to your gauge...if you choose to go this route it might be a bit more accurate then the other method!
If you have a Hot Air (V1) intake from TM dont bother trying method #2. That port no longer produces vaccum. I tried already.