How do I set the air bags for equal traction?


Fred 86 GN

The car has 0 psi in both bags now. The driver's side burnout mark is much darker than the passenger side. Do I need to put a couple psi in the passenger-side bag to give that tire more traction?

I used a track scale and found that the back tires were not weighted equally under powerbraking until I put over 20 psi in the right side bag (over 250 lbs difference powerbraking with no air and over 100 lbs difference without powerbraking due to driver weight and offset gas tank location ).

You may need more than just a few pounds to make the burn out marks equal.
To equal out your launch you really only need the passenger side bag.
I run 30lbs in mine when I'm racing seems to work real well.
On the street about 10lbs.
These are passenger side only I don't run one on the drivers side.
Yep, at least 20 psi in the passenger side works for me. The drivers side is not needed but I have one anyways, using both may give you a little more clearance if running bigger tires.