How do I use this ATR bleeder valve to set my boost pressure?

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May 26, 2001
:confused: Hi guys, I have the ATR 3" downpipe and it came with this little brass bleeder valve with a round dial on top. Does anybody know how to tune the boost with it? I have the hoses hooked up and the dial set in the middle but my boost is still too high...Please give me some ideas.
I'll guess.

The less air bled off by the thing the lower the boost will be. Close it off.

Didn't it come with instructions?
If you have an adjustable wastegate arm, make sure it is long enough where there is hardly any tension in it when at rest.
Make sure the bleeder valve is closed, turn all they way clockwise until it is completely closed, it may be several revolutions of the dial knob, the number should be going down as you turn it.
Start from there, and advance a number or so until you reach the max boost you can take without detonating.
You'll need a boost gauge and a knock detector or scan tool or you'll just be pissin' in the wind.
Other solution is to not use it at all and just keep using the factory boost solenoid.
The valve replaces the solenoid to control boost levels.
FYI, mines turned to almost 1 full turn from closed, to about 9 or so for 15# of boost, but everyone's will be different, so just don't turn it a turn and go because I said that if you don't have a boost/knock gauge.