How do you get the switches out of the door panel


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Dec 31, 2005
I knew I shouldn't have taken this door panel off and bit into something I had no business doing. I've taken many panels off, and never had a hard time figure out how to remove the wiring from the switches, and I just assumed since this car is 400 years old it would be simple. I've never seen it this hard before lol.
How does the wiring from the lock button come off? And how in the HELL do you get the remote mirror wiring out???
There is a blue screw on button for the lock and the window switches. Unscrew the button then you need to pull the plug, you may need to slightly pry the connector up.

Pull it with what? And pry what exactly lol.

Ok, I got it. Now for the remote mirror control. Know how to get that off?
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Pocket screwdriver to pry
( do not touch the prongs)
And a small Allen wrench to remove the mirror cable

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Got it. For some reason it looked like it was all going to come apart if I loosened that mini allen screw.