How does this controller work


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Dec 24, 2005
My friend just installed twin turbos on his '05 Vette. He is getting ready to order this(see link) dual stage boost controller. It does not have a bleed port on the box as far as I can see. It does have a ball and spring inside the "tee". I may just be having a brain fart but where is the boost being bled off at? It would seem that the knobs control the boost but I must be missing something. Is there a hole drilled into the side of the tee that the pics arent showing?

I want to get my ducks in a row as I will be going to his house to help with the final install and boost settings. I know how to install it but he is asking where the extra boost will be going if not to the WG.

Scroll down the page on the link to see the controller.
TURBOSMART: Gated Boost Controllers
It works pretty much the same as any valve. Instead of turning the body or cap like the RJC unit, there is a dial. There's a spring inside with a ball bearing and the dial adjusts the tension on the spring. The tighter the pring the longer it takes for boost to overcome it and let pressure by to open the wastegate.
Thats the way it looks but there is not way to compress or tighten the spring like my RJC. There is only a vaccum line going from the tee to the control box. How is the spring getting tightened or loosened? Thats what I am trying to figure out. The control knobs are controlling the air flow but where is the air going if not bled out?:confused:
the electronic boxes use a "purge" style valve just like the factory solenoid on the valve cover except more shiney and expensive. Same principle, just electronic rather than mechanical.
i dont know what that one cost but i do run this one here and have had good luck with it so far... he does have extra springs for higher boost levels.
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They probably bleed off internally.

He talked to a vette buddy of his that has one and it does bleed off internally. Go figure. I guess you have to listen to hiss instead of being able to route it outside the cabin...