How fast..... Busch Motors


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Does anyone know how fast these Busch/Nascar type motors are? Whats the difference between these motors and stage II motors? Had a guy tell me me with his Busch motor, nitrous, and '87 he was pushing 1000hp? What you guys think?
I believe the Busch motors were getting around 500hp with no turbo. They were stage II motors with carburetors. I believe they ran regular Stage II heads also. I think hp wise they were close to the V8s at the time and they got a big weight break for the lack of displacement.

As far as I know the ones used at Indy were aluminum stage II blocks and the heads were made specifically for indy. I know for sure the blocks were production based like stage IIs. From what I've heard they were making a ton of hp and the bottom ends were very reliable but they had a problem with the valvetrain surviving at 12,000 rpm.
For one, the strength. The limit of the stage II block has yet to be found. I don't know about today but I remember when the Stage II heads were being produced they outflowed anything made by Chevy. With the stronger bottom end you can turn more rpms and make a lot more power. It is weird the first time you take one of these things to 7,000 rpm and above when you're used to shifting at 5,000.