How fit fuel pump into tank?


Aug 17, 2004
I thought it was just clumsiness that the filter sock fell off when I pulled the FP from gas tank. Now I have the new pump affixed/ready to install...& I see that I can fit the pump & float together into tank, or the pump & filter, but not the pump, filter & float! Nothing fits going straight down, have to place pump about 45% angle to get either float, or the filter into tank, but due to both attachments (float & filter) sticking out at 90% from the pump they will not fit into tank. Try to cram or bend the filter a little to squeeze into tank & (because it's rather stiff plastic) it just pops off the bottom of pump. The access hole is too small to use fingers try to attach filter sock onto bottom of pump once the pump & float is in tank, & can't bend the fuel float wire (to fit it all in) 'cuz will not be able to re-bend it back to normal once inside the tank. You guys that have done it know what I speak of....this should be an easy job but how the ##### get the entire contraption into the tank? Thanks bunch.
I had to insert the "contraption" (DW300) in with the float hanging down. I angled the assembly to get the float and filter in the tank, rotated the assembly more staight up and lowered into the tank.
I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you haven't tried already.
It seems my filter was pointed toward the float. Maybe rotate the pump and filter different and keep trying until you get it.
I have faith in you brother, but then again, maybe that's why they call you "GIRTHZILLA"??
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