how hard is it to take te body off the gn ?


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Oct 2, 2004
how hard is it to take te body off the gn ? i have the motor out the front end off what would it take to get the body off the frame ?
Not really that hard just time consuming. I have done this using nothing more than an engine hoist,2 10' long 4X4's and a couple of 50 gal drums. Once you get everything unbolted you can use the trunk latch striker as a lift point on the rear. On the front the easiest way is to remove the header panel and radiator support so you can get the hoist in. Use a chain attached to the two body mounts at the firewall and lift away. Make sure you place the drums or whatever you are using far enough apart so you can roll the chassis out from underneath. Just use some common sense and you shouldn't have any problems.
thanks about how long did it take you and did you have help ? is there a lot of bolts to take out ?
I've done it a couple times. With the motor and trans pulled I would guesstimate about 4-5 hours. I do it by myself. Lets see, first remove the header panel,radiator support and front and rear bumpers. I assume the AC is disconnected so take the condensor out with the support. Remove the 10 remaining body bolts. Remove the intermediate steering shaft. If you are still running a powermaster disconnect the lines. If you have vac brakes than just disconnect the MC and leave it hanging on the lines and you wont have to rebleed the system. Disconnect the park brake cable and pull it from the front frame attaching point(PITA). Remove the fuel tank. Disconnect anything else from the body like exhaust hangars and lift away. There is plenty of room to leave the hood on so if your body is okay you dont need to realign any body panels. I do this all of the time with the interior in place so I know the average engine hoist can handle the weight. Sometimes the challenge is trying to lift the body high enough.
ive done this before

There are pics in my webshots abum in my signature of pics I took while replacing my frame after the t-bone. ******* Warning ******* I do stuf the only way I can, therefore some pictures may appear to be ghetto - rigged in nature. If you take your time the process is quite easy. And do yourself a favor and replae all the body bushings when it is in the air.