How long to learn-in a race chip?

John Larkin

Sublime Master of Turbology
I think I have all the right pieces in place to finally go with a race chip this year. So when I get to the track, how long will it take for the ECM to learn-in the chip? I plan on changing it at the track while I'm changing out the fuel. Any special techniques? Street chips usually take a few miles to learn-in.
HIya John for what it's worth, my car takes a while to go into "learn" mode. Something on the order of 15 minutes. Once it does warm up and go into learn mode 2-3 minutes of driving through the BLM cells is all my car takes for the BLM's to learn in for the new chip.

Charles Brooks
Thanks for the reply! I thought I was in a black hole or something. Just looking for a way not to burn up 116 octane gas unnecessarily (or O2 sensors). Yeah, yeah, racing ain't cheap. :rolleyes: