how many hot airs?


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Aug 20, 2001
how many true hot airs? (no coolers)

Lets do another survey. How many true hot airs are there in here that have not been upgraded to intercoolers and how fast are they running if you have times.
I am running a True Hot-Air..stock Block, heads, and all that stuff...My best time is a 14.2, but now that is out-dated because I have a new turbo on the way after mine decided to self destruct.

I am puttin on:
Elec Fan
TA-33C Turbo

With those things I hope to brush the high 12's, or at least run low 13's.
true hotair here time is with bad wheel spin no time with new mods yet blew headgasket last weekend just got it torn down and having heads worked and ported and turbo and manifold ported and ordering new 2.5 downpipe unless anyone here has a good used one???????
no IC yet. Plan to get one when the money rolls in. See sig for time & mods. Engine overheated on the way home from the track 3 weeks ago -- spun a rod bearing. Bought a low-mileage hot-air engine from a local guy who went stage2, has a few mods. Will let everyone know how that goes once I get it in (hopefully within a week!)

Mine's a True Hot Air Stock heads, turbo etc. with a best pass of 13.98 at 4400 Ft.

I have done some mods and hope to go faster in the coming months.

Got HOTAIR allright ! Comming outta my ears 'cause the DAMN THING WON'T START !!!!

...not to mention i'm running outta hand cleaner....

but when I am up i'm a hotair car - plan to go straight to the track when it's ready.
She's still breathing ! and still all stock original down to the original braided down and up pipes ! (but they are leaking and ready for a change. :(
Still hot-air. Only another month though, then its tubomotion V2 and ford i/c. Can't wait! Still stock turbo, heads and block. Stock dp and x over.
'85 t-type here. White w/black out trim. Motor in progress(see thread "need help picking cam"). Posi rear end, leather, & pretty much all the fixings. I'll be staying hot air for a while as the trans & suspension need some attention SOON. I also plan to do some fuel system upgrades, go to the 86/7 ECM/coil set up, and some usable gauges are a must. This is my first TR and i'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with it. Strip will be closed by the time I get it put back together so I won't have times 'till next spring.

hotair85t-type- Wow, I just saw the 11.80@113. When did ya make that baby? Your car is very respectable and I just wanted to say congats. Keep it up:)

85T HOT AIR, all redone, dont drag race so no time slips here ever... Frost beige, tan int. lots and lots of new parts.. Drive's as smooth as my 87GN...

i have two hotair kinda but only my 84 t is true running about 18 psi my 85gn has an 87 drivetrain but the horair drive and ride better and has less rust
Man August 2001, this is an old thread. Only shows how many of us hot air owners and board members have fallen along the way. Can we get another role call? I'll start it off. Still Hot Air with a best Et of 12.27 @ 113.XX mph with a crappy 2.015 60ft. Consistantly runs 12.30's @ 111.xx mph all day (need some new tires). Hot Airs are coming along thanks to some ground breaking tech and R&d right here on this board.

3 hot airs

I have three hot airs

1984 WH1 Stock, best run 15.25 at 90 mph. Blew the motor in it and still tinkering with it:rolleyes:

1984 GN built pretty good 1 run at Byron got it in the mid 12's, I will have to find the tickect on it. Still needs work;)

1984 T Type parts car, stripped it down finally, want to keep it but the body is shot:redface:

I do not have any intercoolers on my cars, but I have been thinking about doing it to one of them, but not really sure yet....