How many people here run without a charcoal canister?

I removed mine in favor of a cleaner engine compartment and more space and room for a longer inlet pipe. View my engine picture in my Avatar. I really dont see the point in keeping it, unless your lookin for gas mileage. Just vent it to the atmosphere somewhere, away from anything that could ignite the fumes. If you want, you can run your solenoid, the red and black top part of the cannister, and hook it up via vacuum lines and a venturi, directly to the fuel line by the frame. Dont wanna pull a vacuum on your fuel tank, but a very slight vacuum, can help pull some of the fumes/vapors out and into your engine yielding better gas mileage.

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Why don't you just relocate the canister? I have seen kits that place this near the vacuum ball thing. I did it on my old T myself with some large hose clamps from Home Depot.

?? hmm, am i supposed to have a vacuum ball on my car? i didnt have one when i got it, and my car seems to do fine without it. clutter free engine compartment is what im after anyways . . . . . cruise control, windshield washer bottle and lines and nozzles, extra wires, vapor cannister, all now reside in the back yard, and my engine compartment looks much cleaner.
Maybe my car's just weird but my hose from the vacuum block to the canister came off recently. I could smell a strong gas smell every now and then. It also was the cause of my O2 counts staying at near 000 every time I was in vacuum mode. Found the hose off, hooked it back up, and now no gas smell and O2 counts are back to normal.